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1. What types of shipping and trucking services do you offer, and where do you deliver?

We offer a range of shipping and trucking services, including ground, air, and sea transportation. We can deliver locally, nationally, and internationally.

2. Can you provide customized logistics solutions to fit our specific needs?

Yes, we can tailor our logistics solutions to fit your specific needs. We offer a range of services and can work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your requirements.

3. What types of materials can you handle, and do you have any restrictions on the size or weight of shipments?

We can handle a variety of materials, including hazardous and oversized items. We do have restrictions on size and weight, but we can work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. ***Please note: We do not handle warehousing hazardous materials.***

4. What is devanning, and how does your company perform this service?

Devanning is the process of unloading cargo from a container. Our company performs this service using specialized equipment and trained personnel to ensure efficient and safe handling of your shipments.

5. How do you ensure the safety and security of my shipments while they are in your care?

We take several steps to ensure the safety and security of your shipments, including using GPS tracking, security seals, and trained personnel. We also have insurance coverage for added protection.

6. What types of warehouse storage options do you offer, and what are your rates?

We offer a range of warehouse storage options, including racked storage, bulk storage, and climate-controlled storage. Our rates depend on the type and duration of storage required.

7. Can you assist with order fulfillment, and what steps do you take to ensure accurate and timely delivery?

Yes, we can assist with order fulfillment. We take several steps to ensure accurate and timely delivery, including order processing, inventory management, and shipping coordination.

8. What is your process for tracking shipments and providing updates to customers?

We use a sophisticated tracking system to monitor shipments and provide regular updates to customers via email.

9. Do you offer any additional services, such as packaging or labeling?

Yes, we offer additional services such as packaging, labeling, and documentation preparation. Please let us know if you require any of these services.

10. How do I get started with using your logistics services, and what information do you need from me to begin?

To get started, simply contact us via phone, email, or our website. We will work with you to assess your needs and provide a quote. We will need information such as the type and size of shipments, the destination, and any special requirements you may have.

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